What is CAA & NRC full Details explained

What is CAA & NRC:-There has been a lot of confusion about the meaning of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). There are some completely in favor of the Act. Whereas some are completely against it & there are many arguments. Many Deaf individuals have contacted us for an objective explanation of the CAB & NRC. Let me tell you about it. The Citizenship Act was passed in 1955.

What is CAA & NRC

Amit Shah presented the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the Lok Sabha was it was passed by majority votes. It was then presented in the Rajya Sabha, where it was again passed by majority votes. This was then presented to President Ram Nath Kovind who approved it. This means it is now the Citizenship Amendment Act.

What is CAA & CAB

You may be confused because I signed CAB earlier and now I am saying CAA. What is the difference between the two. The Citizenship Amendment Bill was being discussed to be passed in both the houses. When the President approved it, then it became the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Let me explain to you in detail about CAA. The CAA focuses on three countries, which are Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan. What is Caa All those who have entered India before 31st December 2014, will be given Indian Citizenship? Citizenship will be given to people of 6 religions. Hindu, Parsi, Sikh, Jain, Christian & Buddhist immigrants will be given citizenship. The Government will give them fast track Indian citizenship in six years. The CAA focuses on these 6 religions because People of these religions face a lot of persecution in those three countries. This is why immigrants will be allowed to stay in India. From the three countries, if an immigrant is being oppressed or has any other problem and has come to India, and if that person is a Muslim, he will not be given Indian Citizenship. Only the 6 religions will be supported. This article is about to tell you what is CAA.

What is the NRC

Let me explain. This is the full form of NRC. The NRC was implemented under the Citizenship Act 1955 It was only for the state of Assam and not for the entire country. It was implemented during 2013–2014, to identify illegal immigrants. This was by the order of the Supreme Court. There are many illegal immigrants staying in Assam. This is why the number of Assamese people is reducing and illegal immigrants is increasing. The main aim of the NRC in Assam was to identify the number of illegal immigrants in Assam to make sure Assam’s culture is protected. In Assam people had to prove that they are Indian citizens by showing various documents. On 31st August, the Indian government created and released the list of NRC which contained all the legal citizens of Assam.This article is about to tell you what is CAA.

However, there were 19 lakh people which included immigrants and residents of Assam without proper documentation. These people were not included in the list. These people could lose their citizenship. Since these 19 lakh immigrants could lose their citizenship, they can appeal to the court. After going through all the documentation, if the court is still not satisfied, they will not be given Citizenship. These immigrants will then be sent to India’s first detention centers in Goalpara, Assam. This detention center is the size of 7 football fields. The people without Indian Citizenship will be sent to these detention centers.This article is about to tell you what is CAA.

The government will care for their food and other amenities but they aren’t allowed to leave. Earlier the NRC was only for Assam, right? However on 19th November 2019, Amit Shah announced in the Rajya Sabha that the NRC will be implemented all over India. This means that, people all over India will have to prove their citizenship by showing various documents. If people do not have clear documentation about their citizenship, they will be sent to the detention centers or will be deported. The construction of detention centers in Maharashtra has already started.This article is about to tell you what is CAA.

Why Protest Against CAA & CAB

However, the Indian Government has not announced the process and implementation of the NRC. The list of documents needed such as PAN, Aadhar, etc have not been clearly announced & it is very vague. But they have already started constructing detention centers. On 22nd December while addressing a gathering at the Ram Leela Maidan, PM Modi said that there was no discussion of implementing NRC all over India. It was implemented in Assam only as per the Supreme Courts’ orders. PM Modi said this but Amit Shah had said that the NRC will be implemented all over India. How contradictory! I am sure, this video has created many questions and doubts in your mind. The next article we will release is about the connection between the NRC & the CAA and why people are protesting all over India.This article is about to tell you what is CAA.

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